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Compnay Profile : Azeel Crop Science Ltd.

Azeel Crop Science Limited is a reputed Company serving Agriculture Industry Since 2013. Azeel is a professionally managed company with qualified & experienced staff in every sphere of its activities. The Company has strong distributor and dealer network which its products are marketed.

The company’s manufacturing at Kuvadva GIDC and the corporate at Rajkot (Gujarat) are managed by highly qualified, adequately experience professionals and chemists in addition to a committed team of employees that include skilled and semiskilled work force with competent supervisory, administrative, and managerial staff.

Azeel enjoys very healthy worker relationship reflecting high standards of industrial relations, through constant implementation of excellent staff welfare programmers. The employee in turn is a highly motivated team committed to the goals of the organization with special emphasis on superior quality and customer satisfaction.

We formulate and market various agrochemicals like insecticides, Fungicides, Weedicides, Synthetic Pyrethroide and combinations products of Insecticides, Fungicides and also higher grade of Multi micronutrients and Plant growth regulators etc.

Our higher quality products have been Well accepted by farmers and Industry.


To be a company committed to the constant search for leadership, innovation and environmental awareness, satisfying the needs of the market and our customers with quality products and professional services, based on innovative technology.


To be leading company in manufacturing, sales and servicing at a international level, exporting products and technology, participating in joint venture.


It has always been a primary objective of company to be a different kind of company. As well as expressing it in our mission and vision statements we live it in the values on which we found our philosophy. We feel we must be honest, loyal and ethical in order to do things sensibly and fairly. With humility, Punctuality, respect for others, commitment, dedication and responsibility we will know how to fulfill our commitments on time, recognize our mistakes and make every effort to achive profits and benefits for the company and for our customers. We are achieving all this with team work and by having constant communication. This allows us to share the same ideals and to focus our efforts on the goal of our slogan, which is 'We work to serve with quality.'

Punctuality,   Commitment,  Dedication,  Responsibility.

Our higher quality products have been well accepted by farmers.

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